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WHRO FM Programs

Afternoon Delights
Weekday afternoons from 4pm-7pm

Upbeat tunes that get you moving, seasonal favorites, and classics that cancel out the traffic.
Hosted by Anthony McSpadden


Bird Notes
Sunday mornings at 8:30am

A short feature that can be about almost any aspect of bird life, from migration to coloration to birds in art to song.
Hosted by Dwight Davis


Car Tunes
Saturday morning at 7am

All the masters are here, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Handel, Bach…you’re sure to hear one of your favorites every time you tune in. Hosted by Raymond Jones


Classical Guitar Alive!
Sunday evenings at 7pm

Listening pleasure for both the guitar enthusiasts and the casual listener. Hosted by Tony Morris.


Evening Classics
Weekdays from 9pm-Midnight

Round out your evening with great music. Hosted by Raymond Jones


From The Parlor
Sunday afternoon at 3pm

Dwight Davis takes you back to a more genteel time, when music was made in the home. Hosted by Dwight Davis


Saturday afternoon at 4pm

A program of favorite classical music for Saturday afternoon, music serving as a perfect intermezzo between the opera and the evening.


Mid-Day Classics
Weekdays from 10am-3pm

Music fashioned to serve as accompaniment to your workday and lunch break. Hosted by Shari Barbour


Morning Classics
Weekday mornings from 5am-10am

Bright and beautiful music. Hosted by Dwight Davis


Musical Brunch
Sunday mornings at 7am

A relaxed  Sunday morning of great music and arts information to accompany your toast and coffee.
Hosted by Lynn Summerall


Sunday Classics
Sunday afternoons at 4pm

Classical favorites just right for a Sunday afternoon. Hosted by Raymond Jones


This Just In
Saturday evenings at 8pm

The world’s greatest music on new CD’s which have recently arrived in our library.
Hosted by Raymond Jones