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Letter from the CEO - March 2013

Bert Schmidt, President and CEO of WHROI often say there are many ways to support WHRO beyond making a financial contribution.  The gifts of time and talent by people who value public media are immeasurable by any standard, and I have a delightful opportunity to prove that point this month.  I know many of you immediately recognized the painting on the cover of this month’s Dimensions as being the work of noted artist P. Buckley Moss, who I am proud to call my friend.  I met Pat when I became President of WVPT in Harrisonburg, and became not just a fan of her work, but an admirer of her generosity.  As you’ll read in the bio on page 3, Pat has long been a proponent of education, and as such, has been an equally strong supporter of educational public media.  Pat has a special way of volunteering her time and talent: each year, she created a special work exclusively for WVPT – and allowed us to make prints available to our donors.  

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Letter from the CEO - February 2013

Bert Schmidt, President and CEO of WHROLast February, when PBS announced that the MAKERS program was in production, I knew it would be a huge challenge to distill fifty years of women’s contributions to America into a single television program. But I also knew that if it could be done well, it could only be done by PBS. I’m confident you’ll agree once you’ve seen the program. 

Of course, I also knew that if you wanted to look at significant contributions that women have made over the last half-century, you’d need to look no further than the histories and the hallways of WHRO.  From the 1950s – the earliest days of the station – when Grace Waters (now Bisese) was the Director of Instruction and Virginia Henderson was School Television Service Manager, women have played an integral part in WHRO’s evolution from a small experiment in teaching-by-television into the multi-platform, multi-faceted public media education-focused organization it is today.

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Letter from the CEO - January 2013

Bert Schmidt, President and CEO of WHROBy the time this issue arrives in your mailbox, we’ll be approaching a new year – 2013. That number is remarkable in that it’s the first time since 1987 that our calendar year doesn’t repeat any of the digits. If you look at all the years since then – 1988, 1989 and so on – you’ll see that it’s true. Two-zero-one-three: no repeats.

I’m not really sure how significant that particular piece of information is in the scheme of things, but it’s something I heard one Sunday morning on Weekend Edition Sunday last month, and I thought it was interesting.  And, it just stuck with me.

It also reminded me of another story I heard years ago on NPR about time, and the expressions “12a.m.” and “12p.m.”  According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the report said, those designations shouldn’t be used at all, since a.m. means before noon and p.m. means after noon – and 12 noon can’t be before (or after) itself. Likewise, midnight is both 12 hours before noon and 12 hours after noon, so it’s neither a.m. nor p.m.

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Letter from the CEO - December 2012

Bert Schmidt, President and CEO of WHROJust about every family has a ‘December dilemma.’  For many families, it’s which holiday or holidays to observe.  For some, it’s how to keep the latkes from burning.  For others, it’s who can we leave off the holiday card list, or just how do we untangle all these blinking lights?!

For radio and television stations, it’s how to be sure we’re airing the very best holiday specials to entertain and inspire.  In commercial radio and TV, it’s less of an actual dilemma: the specials are selected and scheduled by the national networks – and paid for by sponsors.

For public broadcasters, the dilemma can be real and challenging with a variety of shows to choose from, but luckily our programmers have years of experience in sorting through the specials that are offered each year.  Linda Delgado (WHRO TV15), Anthony McSpadden (WHRV 89.5FM) and Dwight Davis (WHRO 90.3FM) have a wealth of resources they regularly consult to be sure they’re selecting the best and most appropriate shows for our audience.

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