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Employment Opportunities

The British are Back!

The British are Back!

Now that Sherlock and Downton Abbey have finished their runs for this season, it’s time to welcome back three other series from across the pond that our viewers have embraced. Starting on March 30th, Sunday nights will once again have a decidedly British accent!

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Producer's Perspective - Behind The Scenes of the Season of Giving

By Danny Epperson

WHRO Senior Radio & TV Producer

As the producer of WHRO’s membership campaign on television, it is always exciting to showcase the special programming we feature in a way that enhances your viewing experience.

The Season of Giving is a very special time of year for me and I enjoy creating the spectacle of the holidays as we bring you some wonderful shows to enjoy. We researched a variety of programs for you this season, from old favorites like Andy Williams, Celtic Woman, and Lawrence Welk, to some new performers like child prodigy pianist Ethan Bortnick, Celtic Thunder’s Paul Byrom, and the angelic voices of Libera.

Once we have the programs in place, it is my job to then arrange how we bring them to you in our television studio. Again this year as an important part of our Season of Giving setting, we are displaying a holiday hearth. What a wonderful way enjoy the programs WHRO brings you, by the fireplace and nestled in that easy chair!

We are also pleased to have some new and familiar faces joining the WHRO family this Season of Giving on your television. They are long-time members and supporters of WHRO and believe in its mission to you and to our community.

During the Season of Giving, we are also treating you with some in-studio guests from the programs we are featuring, including Ethan Bortnick and David “Mr. McFeely” Newell.

Thanks for your support of WHRO and I wish you the very best in this Season of Giving!

The Hampton Roads 48-Hour Film Project 2013

48 Hour Film Festival on WHRO TV

Friday Nights, Starting October 18th on WHRO-TV 15

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WHRO Volunteers... Works of Heart

WHRO Volunteers... Works Of Heart

WHRO volunteers are the unsung heroes of the station's day-to-day operations.  From answering phones, to on-air messaging, to readers of The WHRO Voice, volunteers at WHRO are indeed, "works of heart."  Many of our volunteers simply give their time because of a strong belief in WHRO's mission of education and community enrichment.  Two of our volunteers recently sat down with us at the WHRO studios to talk about why volunteering is important to them and what WHRO means in their lives.  

Here are links to their messages to WHRO members, viewers, and volunteers like you:

Tim Morgan's Testimonial on Volunteering at WHRO

Karen Jones' Testimonial on Volunteering at WHRO - coming soon!

Interested in becoming a volunteer at WHRO?  

Contact WHRO Volunteer Coordinator Sharman Goode-Hurd today!  See below...

Volunteer Benefits

  • Exploration in new fields of interest and renewal of old skills.
  • A Passport card that offers discounts to local businesses and restaurants.
  • An opportunity to enhance your employer's standing in the community.
  • A way to complete community service or service learning hours for school.
  • Entry in periodic drawings for event tickets and/or other fun things.
  • Satisfaction of helping other and making a difference in your community!

Ways You Can Help

Pledge Drives    
Work during on-air pledge drives to receive calls and record contributions from our viewers and listeners. Volunteers can be 16 or 17, but must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or group advisor.

Food Coordinator
Some would argue that this is the most important position during our pledge drives! You would be responsible for picking up the food from area restaurants (sometimes it’s delivered), setting up the food table, making sure things are clean and re-stocked throughout the shift and, of course cleaning up.    

Special Events    
Assist with set up, greet guests, serve as auction monitors, and help with check in/out. Not all duties apply to all special events. 

General Admin
Support the daily operations with computer work, making phone calls, compiling packets, assisting with inventory, and other common office tasks. 

Front Desk Subs
Answer the phone and transfer calls, greet visitors and receive deliveries.

Collate, stuff materials, and label envelopes and packages.

Tour Guides
Lead groups on tours and reveal what goes on behind the scenes.

Membership Renewal Call Team
Place calls to lapsed members and invite them to rejoin the WHRO family by renewing their membership.


More information?

Click here or contact: 

Sharman Goode-Hurd
Volunteer Services/Voice Manager
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please include a phone number in all e-mail correspondence.


Ready To Volunteer?

Complete our mini application and you will be contacted soon.


What Has WHRO Created In You?

We're also interested in continuing to hear your stories about why you love WHRO.  There are so many stories are out there waiting to be told and we want to hear from you! Send our producers an e-mail of your story to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and they might contact you and ask you to share your story on WHRO-TV with everyone! If you want to, “Like” our Facebook page www.facebook.com/whropublicmedia and share your story there as well! In any case, our producers would love to know about it!

Here are some questions to help you out:

Why, simply, do you enjoy WHRO-TV, WHRV-FM, or WHRO-FM?

How long have you watched or listened to the station?

What stories or anecdotes do you often share with your friends about the programs you enjoy on WHRO?

Do you host “Downton Abbey” viewing parties or get-togethers?  

Do you watch WHRO with your family? Your children? Your friends? 

Have you embraced a creative craft by watching WHRO or listening to WHRV/WHRO over the years?

Did you watch WHRO on TV in the classroom when you were in school?

Did you learn cursive handwriting in grade school with WHRO-TV?


Thanks for your continued support of WHRO public media in Eastern Virginia.

Peg + Cat

Peg+Cat on WHRO TV 15
Series Begins October 7 at 10:30am

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