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This American Life, great storytelling at noon Saturdays on WHRV


Every Saturday at noon, you can look forward to great story-telling on WHRV, with This American Life.

This American Life is a weekly public radio show broadcast on more than 500 stations to about 2.1 million listeners. It is produced by Chicago Public Media, distributed by Public Radio International, and has won all of the major broadcasting awards. It is also often the most popular podcast in the country, with around one million people downloading each week.

This American Life, Saturdays at noon on WHRV

BBC Newshour on WHRV FM

With the world's unrelenting 24-hour news cycle, Newshour is the program that cuts through the background noise and provides definitive reports on the big stories of the day. With daily feeds, Newshour delivers an hour of headlines, commentary and reporting from around the world. The BBC's global correspondents give listeners vital information to keep up with world events.

Winner of the Sony Radio Academy Award in 2008 and Bronze winner in 2011 for best news and current affairs radio show, Newshour presents an all-encompassing explanation of the day's lead story, compelling reports from the BBC's team of correspondents and probing interviews with the newsmakers at the heart of every story.

BBC Newshour is heard Monday through Thursday at 9am on WHRV

Marketplace Money - weekdays at 1pm on WHRV

Each week, Lizzie O'Leary and the Marketplace Money team look at the week’s major national and international stories that will impact the average listener’s wallet. Produced by the award-winning team of Marketplace and Marketplace Morning Report, Marketplace Money continues the legacy of intelligent irreverent radio with smart topics, expert advice, and current information. During the hour-long program, our team helps listeners map out the course to financial well-being, offering advice on topics like how to pay for college and whether to buy or lease a car as well as the individual impact of national stories.

Marketplace Money, Wednesdays at 1pm on WHRV.

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